Extending Kenworth T800 Suspension Components Lifespan

Kenworth T800: tough and efficient. Suspension crucial for comfort, support. Air vs. leaf spring choice, maintenance impact outcomes.

Extending Kenworth T800 Suspension Components Lifespan

The Kenworth T800 epitomizes strength and efficiency on the road. But the vital component for comfort and support can only be the suspension. Whether you're contemplating the trade-offs between air and leaf spring suspensions or ensuring that your truck remains in peak condition, understanding these vital components can make all the difference. 

Kenworth T800 

The heavy-duty Kenworth T800 carries a PACCAR MX-13 Engine with 12.9-liter capabilities. This beast can hit up to 510 horsepower and a strong 1850 lb-ft of torque. Monitor your engine with Kenworth’s TruckTech+ subscription for remote engine performance stats and information. Paired with a PACCAR MX-13 Engine rests the PACCAR Automated Transmission 12-Speed. Together these systems ensure that your heavy-duty Kenworth T800 drives at peak performance 24/7. 

Difference between Air and Leaf Spring Suspension

Both suspension types have merits and drawbacks, have different costs, and could be in your Kenworth T800. Although the Kenworth, when bought from a dealer, comes in leaf spring suspension, if you truly want the benefits of air suspension, you can ask your mechanic to install it. 

Air Suspension

Air suspensions offer enhanced vehicle support compared to traditional leaf springs. Instead of relying on leaf springs, air suspensions utilize airbags filled with compressed air. Both systems aim to sustain the weight of your truck, trailer, or cargo. One significant advantage of air suspension is its adjustable strength. You can inflate or deflate the airbags as needed, termed “aired up” or “aired down.” A deflated setup offers a smoother ride when carrying empty loads, while an inflated setup ensures robust support for weightier hauls.

Leaf Spring Suspension

On the other hand, leaf springs have their own merits, especially in terms of maintenance simplicity. They are a cost-effective alternative, delivering basic functionality without the added features of air suspensions. They have reliable and consistent support with every load, like the air suspension, but you lose out on load-specific comfort. While the ride might not be as smooth, drivers can take solace that potential repairs and maintenance for leaf springs can be addressed promptly and economically. Leaf springs contain fewer components meaning fewer potential repairs and replacements. Air suspensions are complex, and if one aspect malfunctions, it may cause a chain reaction of repairs or maintenance. 

Signs of Suspension Issues

The Kenworth T800 has a 59-inch long leaf spring that can withstand anywhere from a rating of 12000 to 22000 pounds. The leaf spring guarantees a comfortable ride loaded with heavy loads or nothing at all. The suspension is equipped with rubber bushed shackle pins to improve sterling and suspension lifespan. Some Kenworth T800 suspension issues include:

Fluid Leaks from Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers play a pivotal role in smoothening out road bumps. They keep your wheels even and flat on the pavement. Without the shock absorbers, the truck's body bounces on the road like it’s at a dance club.  They use suspension fluid, typically hydraulic oil, to absorb and lessen the forces endured by your suspension. The piston within the shock absorber adjusts to your vehicle's speed and employs oil to balance out the pressure. The oil converts the kinetic energy into heat. A leak in these absorbers means the absence of this cushioning effect, leading to a bumpy ride and potential truck damage. At Fleetgo Heavy Duty Inc., our team is adept at spotting and addressing such leaks, ensuring a seamless ride.

Deteriorating Bushings

Bushings are integral components found at the intersections of various vehicle parts. These rubber connectors, often sandwiched between the component and a bolt, act as protective barriers. They shield metal parts from direct shocks and decrease the wear components would take otherwise. Bushings prevent metal-on-metal action. With over-extended use, these rubber buffers can wear out or crack. Our seasoned mechanics prioritize your truck's longevity, replacing worn-out bushings with top-tier OEM parts.

Leaf Spring Damage and Wear 

The road conditions differ everywhere you travel with your heavy-duty Kenworth T800. When you feel uncomfortable, feel vibrations from heavy loads, or just having a rough ride, the leaf springs may be the source of the discomfort. Although leaf springs and tanks cause more direct damage from speeding debris than air suspensions, the springs or blades break and bend as a result. 

A sign of a damaged leaf spring starts with leaning. A leaning truck means inefficient driving economy, damaged blades, and worn springs on one side. The leaf spring under the direction of the truck lean has lost support from the leaf spring as the material had chipped or worn out. Another sign of this damage occurs when your truck starts to skid. Skidding is another sign of damage but may also mean an overloaded truck unsupported by manufacturer leaf spring recommendations. 

Loose U-bolts 

Untightened bolts may snap or damage the leaf springs. Regularly inspecting the U-bolt torque is A great protection against potential damage. This precaution becomes essential when after new leaf spring installations. Having a mechanic re-tension U-bolts a week or two after installation is recommended as the spring settles into position. The center bolts may also take damage from untightened U-bolts, leading to vehicle misalignment. 

Professional Suspension Care For Your Heavy-Duty Needs

The Kenworth T800 isn't merely a powerhouse on wheels; it embodies your commitment to quality and performance. While recognizing potential wear signs is essential, entrusting its care to professionals is paramount. Only with mechanic oversight can you ensure its longevity and superior performance. Prioritize professional care with Fleetgo Heavy Duty Inc. for your suspension and every part of your truck. Consult with seasoned specialists today to give your Kenworth T800 the meticulous attention and expertise it rightfully deserves. Make the smart choice; choose professionalism, precision, and unmatched care.

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