Truck Coolant System Repair Services in Edmonton, AB

When it comes to keeping your engine cool and running smoothly, the importance of a properly functioning coolant system cannot be overstated. At Fleetgo Heavy Duty in Edmonton, Alberta, we offer comprehensive coolant system repair services to keep your truck running smoothly and safely.

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The Basics of Coolant Systems


The radiator is the most visible component of the coolant system and is responsible for removing heat from the engine coolant. As the hot coolant flows through the radiator, it passes through a series of small tubes surrounded by thin metal fins. As air passes through the fins, it dissipates the heat from the coolant, lowering its temperature before it is circulated back into the engine.

Water Pump

The water pump is another critical component of the coolant system. It circulates the coolant through the engine, radiator, and other components, ensuring that the engine temperature remains within safe limits. The water pump is usually driven by a belt connected to the engine, and it typically contains an impeller that pumps the coolant through the system.


The hoses in the coolant system are responsible for transporting the coolant between the engine, radiator, and other components. Over time, these hoses can become brittle and crack, leading to leaks and a loss of coolant. This can result in engine overheating and potential damage.


The thermostat is another key component of the coolant system. It regulates the flow of coolant through the engine based on the temperature of the engine. When the engine is cold, the thermostat remains closed, allowing the engine to warm up more quickly. When the engine reaches the desired operating temperature, the thermostat opens, allowing the coolant to flow through the engine and maintain a steady temperature.

Understanding the basics of the coolant system is important for maintaining the health of your heavy-duty truck. Regular inspections and maintenance of the coolant system can help to identify any potential issues before they become major problems, ensuring that your truck remains safe and reliable.

Coolant System Repair Services We Offer

At Fleetgo Heavy Duty, we offer a range of coolant system repair services to address these common issues and keep your heavy-duty truck running smoothly. Our services include:

  1. Coolant system flush and refill - We can flush out old coolant and replace it with fresh coolant to ensure optimal performance.
  2. Leak detection and repair - We can locate and repair any leaks in the coolant system, including damaged hoses, gaskets, and radiator or engine block cracks.
  3. Water pump replacement - Our technicians can diagnose and replace a malfunctioning water pump to restore proper circulation of the coolant.
  4. Thermostat replacement - A malfunctioning thermostat can result in improper engine temperature regulation. We can diagnose and replace a faulty thermostat to ensure proper functionality of the coolant system.

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